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Esther Armstrong, Registered Nurse and Peninah Waithira, Registered Nurse Supervisor are two of the 13 Open Sky nurses who worked tirelessly to support
individuals living in the community and residential programs, educated staff and individuals about COVID-19 and provided agency-wide COVID testing.
Mike Welch, Program Coordinator, West Boylston, led the way in creativity in keeping individuals engaged through Top Chef competitions and other creative activities in his program.
     Special thanks go to all of the employees who left their own homes, in many cases from March-May, to move into Open Sky residential programs in order to minimize the risk of COVID for medically vulnerable individuals. Here are just a few of the caring and dedicated staff who made this sacrifice.
     Grafton House:
Counselors Henry Williams, Victoria Savice and Adwoa Adomakowaa
Elmwood Terrace:
Counselors Sam Ngatia,
Anty Darwulo and James Feraud
Northbridge House: Counselors Obinwa Ndukwe and Karel Sovereign
Northbridge House staff:
Stephanie Denning and Robin Henry
April Campbell, Assistant Program Coordinator, Catherine Street
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