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  Coping, Responding and Reimagining
The Finkel Fund – Enhancing Lives
Two individuals served by Open Sky were delighted to learn that they had received grants from the Florence Finkel Fund. The Finkel Fund is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities by addressing the need for relationships and the risk of isolation that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities experience. The Fund is administered through the Pathways to Friendship, a project hosted by the Arc and funded by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS).
 Steve Turini
Steve Turini is using his grant funds to cover the cost of a two year gym membership, Fitbit and workout clothes. Steve, who lives in his own apartment, receives services through Open Sky’s Supported Living program. It had been a while since he held a gym membership and Steve was ready to start working out regularly. He was introduced to a local fitness center by an Open Sky staff member who also works there as a trainer at the gym. Steve is working out safely, enjoying learning about the different equipment and looking forward to forging connections with other members.
Lisa and Steve are perfect examples of what opportunities like funding from the Finkel Fund can provide. It has given both of them the chance to expand their worlds.
Lisa Fracalosi
Lisa Fracalosi is an avid wheelchair road racer and a member of the Hoyt racing team. Her involvement with the sport has expanded her social connections to include people with and without disabilities. Her enthusiasm is so infectious that she was recently asked to be an ambassador for Team Hoyt. Because of the pandemic, Lisa has been unable to race. She applied for a grant to help cover the cost of outfitting her wheelchair with rims and tires that will allow her to participate in trail runs so that she can socialize and share her passion while social distancing.
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