Page 20 - Open Sky Annual Report 2020
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                        4 Mann Street, Worcester, MA 01602
Board of Directors
Kenneth J. Bates, MA
President and CEO
Oliver Joseph, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Frederick Battersby, MA
Senior Vice President of Operational Support
Nancy Bishop, MSW
Senior Vice President of New Business & Systems Transformation
Anthony Consolmagno, MBA, CPA
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Kelley Gamble
Vice President of Community Engagement
Lisa Jeronymo
Vice President of Human Resources
Lorie Martiska, MS
Vice President of Advancement
Liz Olivera-Mustard, MBA, CHPC, CHC
Vice President of Quality Management
Erica Robert, MSW, LICSW
Senior Vice President of Community Services
Matt Small, MSW
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
(through 12/31/20)
David Przesiek, Chair Judith Kirk, Vice Chair Donna Connolly, Clerk John R. Ford, Treasurer Kola Akindele
Peter Bacchiocchi Jay Bry
David Bunker Maedon Coburn
Sara DeCarvalho James DiReda Leonard Doerfler, Ph.D. Donald Doyle
Kevin Hunt
Michael Kilcoyne Mary Ellen Larkin-Root Charisse Murphy
Paul Schasel
Karen Goldenberg, Senior Director of Advancement/Marketing Lorie Martiska, VP of Advancement
Donna Fioravanti, Director of Grants and Grant Management Allison Ohman, Advancement Associate
Amanda Gibbons, Director of Marketing, Bridge Training Institute Catherine Twing, Director of Marketing
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