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 Coping, Responding and Reimagining
ValleyCAST Goes Virtual
Through Open Sky’s subsidiary, ValleyCAST, we offer a wide variety of arts and cultural events for people of all abilities to enjoy together. When the pandemic hit, we had to rethink everything. How would we continue to provide engaging, inclusive events and support our local artists and musicians during a shutdown?
The first order of business was figuring out how to transform the Annual Art Palette Contest into an online event. A community favorite for years, the contest, which invites participants of all ages and abilities to transform ordinary wooden art palettes into works of art, had opened in the Heritage Gallery in early March right before COVID forced the gallery to close its doors. Pictures were taken of all 69 palettes and voting quickly moved online. Hundreds of people from as far away as New Zealand, Norway and Sweden participated in the voting! In fact, it was so successful, that we’ve decided to continue offering an online voting option in the future.
Heartened by the success of the Art Palette Contest, we began to consider other opportunities to engage the community with art and music. Our Free Summer Concert Series aired on Facebook Live every Thursday evening in July and August, giving local bands the chance to perform to an even wider audience. People tuned in
from all over the country and sent up hearts, smiles and cheers while the music played. It really was the next best thing to being in the plaza together. Missed the concerts? You can catch them on the ValleyCAST YouTube Channel.
The ValleyCAST Facebook page has been releasing weekly Art
Prompts to inspire creativity. Submitted art is then shared in
slideshows posted on the ValleyCAST YouTube channel, which also features artist interviews and gallery exhibits. An inclusive Art & Music Makers Festival was also held in early 2021 and can be viewed on the ValleyCAST Facebook and YouTube pages.
We’re excited about all of the new ways we’ve learned to engage the community and we invite you to check out our social media links at Seeing participation increase beyond our local geography has inspired us and, even when we can finally come together in person again, we’ll be continuing to create online programming to engage and entertain.
We invite you to check out our social media links at
Annual Art Palette Contest, Heritage Gallery
Michelle Canning Band, Free Sumer Concert Series
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