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COVID Rental Assistance

We know how challenging the past few years have been for individuals and families in Central Massachusetts. In fact, the economic impact of the pandemic has caused many people to fall behind in their rent and/or utility payments.

As a result of a grant award through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program of the City of Worcester and the Federal government, Open Sky was able to help 160 Worcester residents who were behind on rental or utility payments. Partner agencies still have funding available to help people who have experienced financial hardship due to COVID and who meet specific qualifications. Successful applicants may have rental or utility assistance paid to landlords or utilities of up to $5,000. Please contact one of the organizations below: 

WCAC - Jannelle Correa  jcorrea@wcac.net

Catholic Charities- Maydee Morales mmorales@ccworc.org 

Friendly House - Michael Moreshead mmoreshead@friendlyhousema.org

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a City of Worcester resident

  • Be at risk of eviction and homelessness due to rent and/or utility arrears (heat, hot water, electricity only)

  • Be experiencing financial hardship caused by COVID

  • Meet qualifying income limits and submit proof of income  (SEE CHART BELOW FOR INCOME LIMITS)

  • Have a commitment from your landlord or utility company(s) that upon payment of up to $5,000 you will be considered current on rental arrears, or you agree to pay the difference before rental assistance funds are disbursed

  • Agree to provide rental lease or agreement and proof of rental arrears/delinquency and proof of any outstanding utility arrears (outstanding bill)

  • Agree to sign a CDC Declaration form

  • Understand that total payment per rental unit cannot exceed $5,000 whether for rental assistance or utility arrears or both

  • Not have previously received CDBG assistance through another agency overseeing the funding