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A statement from Ken Bates, President and CEO of Open Sky Community Services

March 1, 2022

As an organization devoted to humanity and support, we at Open Sky acknowledge what is going on in Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine who are facing difficult choices of whether to flee their homes or to stay and fight for their survival.  For some, there is no choice.  

It’s difficult to not be affected by this humanitarian crisis.  We know that some in our community are more deeply affected due to family ties or past experience with war-related trauma.  Please take time to reach out to friends and family who may be struggling.

Some people have asked where to donate towards humanitarian relief.  Below is a link to a website which listed five verified charities and a larger list of those recommended by Charity Navigator. 


Please join me in extending our heartfelt prayers and thoughts for the Ukrainian nation, the Eastern European nations, and the millions of Russian citizens who do not condone the actions of their State and may also suffer consequences such as job loss, poverty and starvation.  We all share the hope that this crisis can be resolved quickly so that peace returns.