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August 5, 2021

ValleyCAST Call to Artists, Musicians, Crafters, Makers!  

August 5, 2021

ValleyCAST invites you to be part of a virtual community exhibition where artists of all kinds share the creative practices that help them tap into a sense of flow.

We can experience grounding, healing, and a lot of fluid creativity when we’re in a flow state. It’s almost meditative when it happens. This fall, we invite you to join us in sharing the art practices that help you get into a flow, whether that’s automatic writing, doodling, improv music making, free writing, or even crocheting. This project is our way of encouraging regular art-making as a practice for mental wellbeing. 

Alongside our fall showing of the Yellow Tulip Project exhibit I Am More. Facing Stigma, we offer this space to share the practices that bring us joy and keep us present. We hope you will find inspiration from what is shared, and offer up some of your own creative flow for this crowdsourced community project!

Submission Guidelines 

We are looking for short videos or images of your creative process, along with a reflection on your experience of flow. We encourage you to share how creative expression centers you in challenging moments. This is open to all, whether you consider yourself an “Artist” or not! You are free to curate your submission as you like, but here are a few ideas for what you might create: 

- Short Video (2 – 15 minutes) 

- Slideshow of process photos 

- Timelapse video 

- Single image with a written reflection 

- A portfolio of works created in flow 

To participate 
Please email ValleyCAST’s Assistant Director of Community Outreach at Michelle.Sayles@openskycs.org to share your interest in participating by September 10th. We will begin sharing these submissions over social media by mid-September, but the submission deadline can be flexible to accommodate your process. Feel free to be in touch with any questions.  

We look forward to having you share in this community Flowcase! 


For inspiration, check out this podcast episode from NPR’s Life KitMaking Art Is Good For Your Health.