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February 2, 2023

Learn to Juggle

February 2, 2023
Singh Performance Center

Thursday Nights: February 2nd, February 9th, March 2, and March 9 from 6-7:30pm 

Enjoy four sessions with Flippo the Juggling Magician for only $65 total! Each session will cover different juggling skills that are good for your brain, good for your heart, and a ton of fun to learn!

February 2: Introduction / Demonstration, Juggling Scarves, 1 and 2 ball work 

February 9: Peacock Feather Balancing Contest, 3-Ball Cascade, 3-Ball Tricks  

March 2: Clubs, Rings, 5-Ball Multi-Plex, 2- Perrson passing/vamping/stealing 

March 9: Spinning Plates, 3-Ball tricks review, Intro to Clubs, 4-Ball Juggling, Multi-Plex throws

Don't drop the ball! 

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Email: Mary.laliberte@openskycs.org or Call: 774-502-8648 

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