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GB & Lexi Singh Performance Center, 60 Douglas Road, Whitinsville, MA

A series of Short Plays inspired by music!

Presented by Jakespeare Theatre Company (LLC)  

2023 Performance Dates

Friday, August 25 at 8:00 pm 

Saturday, August 26 at 8:00 pm 

Sunday, August 27 at 1:00 pm 


Featuring the following productions 

  • Almost Like a Song - Drew Davis 
    • Marital mayhem erupts in musical madness during a therapy session expressed in song titles 
  • Bag Men - Gordon Bolar 
    • Two men meet in a park for lunch. The contents of their lunch bags contains more than sandwiches for Jimmy John's and reveals much about the future of one of the men 
  • Bootsie Manilow Speaks - Keith Whalen 
    • Twentysomething introvert Hannah is listening to music when her cat Bootsie begins speaking to her. Stunned by her feline's sudden ability to talk, she excitedly jump starts a long-desired conversation with him, but Bootsie offers up some advice that she's not so eager to hear 
  • Carry that Weight - Jake Lewis 
    • Siblings Jude and Prudence are cleaning out their late father's attic when they find an old cell phone that provides a special connection to their departed dad, and perhaps the last chance for Jude to come to terms with their rocky relationship 
  • Don't Call Me Cupid - Jonathan Cook 
    • Katheryn is completely smitten with a new man in her life and is eager to show him off to her roommate. Love takes a tragic backseat, however, when the god Eros aka Cupid appears and accidentally shoots her new boyfriend with the wrong arrow 
  • The Last Song - Ruben Carbajal 
    • Inspired by a true story: a man dying of Covid is given the option of choosing the last song he would like to hear as before his ventilator is removed 
  • The Lost Melody - Bridgette Dutta Portman 
    • Anthony is obsessed with finding a specific piece of classical music for his mother's funeral. When his father intervenes in what's proving to be a hopeless quest, withheld resentments come to light 
  • More - Anna Tatelman 
    • A zombie has an existential crisis 
  • Obscura - Allie Costa 
    • Three siblings struggling with changes in their family realize it's always darkest just before the dawn 
  • Our Song - Mark Saunders 
    • The marriage of a romantic and cynic is put to the test when they argue over whether they need their own song, ultimately taking their marriage in a dangerous direction 
  • Starry, Starry Night - Brian Leahy Doyle 
    • The play is set in the 1979. William and Julian are on a camping trip at Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin when Julian reveals that he is gay 
  • The Wandering Blues - Alex Dremann 
    • Tanya is about to get on the tour bus with her banjo and leave her boyfriend Scott behind once again 
  • What's Love Got to Do with It - Kelli Lynn Woodend 
    • A carnival worker's plan to take his evening break is interrupted by a feisty senior citizen who continuously pesters him 


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