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September 16, 2022

ValleyCAST & BVAA team up to present "My Favorite Art Show"

September 16, 2022

Artists pour their souls into their creations. Each artwork could represent a different stage of the artist’s life or just a step along their journey. How could an artist choose just one piece of art as their “favorite” creation? This show presents that very challenge!

The Gallery is full of Favorite art works by BVAA members. This exhibit is sure to be a favorite of yours, too! 

Regular gallery hours are Monday - Friday from 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00 or by appointment: 508-234-6232.

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Exhibit ends October 28, 2022.

Image: Lily Garden, Heritage Gardens, Sandwich by Carol Frieswick (BVAA Board Member)