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Every Monday for 24 weeks during quarantine, ValleyCAST posted a different art prompt on our ValleyCAST Facebook and ValleyCAST Instagram pages to inspire creativity.

People of all abilities shared their work with us below each prompt on our ValleyCAST Facebook page or posted to our Instagram page @ValleyCAST.

From those submission we have built virtual video galleries of each week on our ValleyCAST YouTube Channel so you can see everyone's creations!

Check out the videos we've already posted by clicking on the images below and get inspired to create something yourself! Just becaue the prompts are over, doesn't mean you can't continue to be creative! (Some videos may not be published yet!)

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Week 1 - Share your favorite bee creation

Week 2 - Make and fly a paper airplane

Week 3 - Repetitive Patters

Week 4 - Photograph, draw, paint or collage your favorite lake, pond, river or the ocean

Week 5 - The Great Outdoors 

Week 6 - Pollinators

Week 7 - Circles

Week 8 - Water Color

Week 9 - National Forest Week

Week 10 - Land art

Week 11 - Faces

Week 12 -Seeing Red

Week 13 - Music

Week 14 - Food

Week 15 - Dogs

Week 16 - Urban landscapes

Week 17 - Purple

Week 18 - Grids

Week 19 - Texture 

Week 20 - Family

Week 21 - Smile

Week 22 - Found Objects

Week 23 - Color

Week 24- Halloween