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Boston Bullpen Project

August 2021

Four childhood friends who shared a love of baseball and a passion for helping those less fortunate came together in 2017 and founded the Boston Bull Pen Project—a nonprofit providing financial support to meet immediate needs of people experiencing homelessness and other complex challenges.  They partnered with Open Sky’s Homeless Division earlier this spring, and since then the Bull Pen Project has helped 35 people ( including 11 children) with urgent needs such as furniture, appliances, drivers training, insurance, sofas and mattresses.

Once Open Sky staff in the Homeless Division identify an urgent need, Boston Bull Pen jumps into action and provides resources or the needed item (Less than $1,000)  within 24- 48 hours.  Since March they have provided close to $14,000 in support.

But the help doesn’t end there.  Along with the needed item or items comes a gift card for the person to “pay it forward” by helping someone else in need.  “We love the idea that we are fostering a spirit that empowers others to pay it forward, say the Bull Pen Founders. 

Jorge, an individual served, wrote a note of appreciation for the furniture he was given, saying “This helped me believe that I was progressing in life, since I went from nothing at all to having a decent home.  It has brought me happiness and the will to never give up.”

For more information, visit https://www.bostonbullpenproject.org/.