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The Bridge Launches Blogzine/Literary Magazine

September 2017

WORCESTER, Mass. (September 8, 2017) – The Bridge of Central Massachusetts announces the launch of a digital blogzine produced by the Children and Young Adults Services (CAYAS) division: The Bridge to Everywhere.  www.thebridgetoeverywhere.org

This site provides children, adolescents and young adults served a forum of recognition and esteem for their creative, literary and artistic ventures. Receiving services from a human services provider can be perceived as a limitation or diminishing of a youth’s vitality. Some youth may feel that receiving services is a symbol of their shortcomings.

The Bridge to Everywhere is a resounding disagreement with such perception. The youth served by the Bridge and other human services organizations are statistically and empirically proven to be among the most creative of their age group. The Bridge to Everywhere stands as testament to this truth.

To protect confidentiality, each contributor is required to provide a pseudonym to use as a byline. One of our contributors, Marie Butterfly, expressed why she felt the blogzine is so important. “The Bridge to Everywhere is very exciting to me because of the opportunity it provides,” says Marie. “It makes me a published author where everyone can see and appreciate my work. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be appreciated and for people to see my work.”