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OASIS Program

The Oasis Co-Occurring Enhanced Residential Rehabilitation Services (COE-RRS) is a residential program for up to 16 individuals that will provide mental health and substance abuse treatment. Program participants may include, men, women, transgender and non-binary individuals, 18 years and older.

The home is operational 24/7. Clinical staff available during the day, in addition to shift coverage, includes a Program Director, Clinical Director, RN and a Licensed Clinician. Psychiatric Prescribers are available through our partnership with Harrington Hospital.

Services We Provide - Services at Oasis are designed to support residents in maintaining sobriety, promote recovery, stabilize psychiatric symptoms and increase overall functioning. We offer:

  • Assessment and Treatment Planning
  • Psychiatric Assessment through Harrington Hospital
  • Medication Management
  • Evidence-based Individual and Group Therapy
  • Employment and Education
  • Connections to Community Support Resources
  • Recovery Meetings and Peer Support
  • Aftercare

Eligibility - Oasis services is limited to individuals who:

  • Have both a substance use disorder and a moderate to severe mental health disorder
  • Have demonstrated an inability to maintain sobriety and stable behavior over a 24-hour period without the structure and support of a 24-hour setting
  • Are psychiatrically stable enough at the time of admission to be able to benefit from this level of care
  • Are able to acknowledge the existence of a psychiatric condition and/or substance use problem, and negative consequences

Referral Sources- Individuals may be referred to the program from a variety of settings, including:

  • Inpatient psychiatric/substance use facilities
  • Outpatient psychiatric or substance use treatment programs
  • Detox inpatient facilities
  • Hospital Emergency Room
  • Hospital Medical Units
  • Self-referral

6 North Street
Douglas, MA 01516


What Oasis Guests say about the program: 

“I really like the structured groups that the program has to help me out, such as the recovery groups. I didn’t think recovery groups were for me, but in a way it is. They have community activity outings on the weekends and it is nice to get out and do activities I didn’t think I was interested in, such as hiking and bowling. It is fun, and takes my mind off of using. The staff have helped me with getting other parts of my life in order, with providing me information on housing for aftercare, setting up appointments with doctors, supporting me with my job."

- Oasis Guest

“I am an addict, I have struggled for most of my life with drugs and alcohol. I have been in and out of detox and hospitalizations for my mental health. My family has tried to support me with my addictions, it is very hard for them and myself. When I was in the hospital, and was ready for discharge, I would be back on the streets with no place to live. The Oasis program was explained to me, and it was something I knew I needed, I needed help with my addiction and my mental health. I didn’t want to end up back on the street with no support, and continue the circle of my addiction. I decided to give the program a try, and here I am since December. I have not used. They help me, offer me the support I need, I go to groups, read a lot more, and take this time to focus on myself."

- Oasis Guest

What OASIS staff say about the program:

“I am grateful to be a part of people’s recovery journey and have the opportunity to share what I’ve experienced in a way that helps others, I have seen progress in our guests who have committed to working the program."  

 - Jordan Quigley, Recovery Specialist

“I really enjoy working with people, and in this environment, seeing progress in my own way every day with the ‘guests’ we serve." 

- Staff Member