Philosophy and Capabilities

The Bridge belives is providing the best possible care and services in a manner that places the individuals achieve their goals.

We provide strong supervision for staff and have a commitment to rigor in implementating program and services which are evidence-based and culturally-responsive. The Bridge is alsi committed to measuring and evaluating our services to be sure we are providing the best possible care and achieving desired outcomes.

Who We Serve

The Bridge provides and supports for individual with complex behaviuoral health needs, intellectual and development disabilities, brain injury, autism, homelessness, substance use disorder and other complex challanges.

We provide services for children and families, transition-age youth and adults.

The Bridge seeks to serve in a wholistic way -- providing treatment, connection to healtcare provides, care coordination and care managment, medication adherence and support, health promotion and community navigation and assistance with such social determinants of health as housing, employment, access to nutrition, transportation and others.

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The Bridge also provides training for human service and cinical professional through The Bridge Training Institution, psychological first aid for traumatic evets through The Bridge Trauma response Service, and support for LGBTQ youth through the Safe Homes program.

United Way

The Bridge is proud to support and to partner with community organizations such as The United Way.