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Dedicated Supportive
 Faces from the Frontlines
Barbara Adams, Residential Counselor, Pearl Street, may work part-time, but she packs a lot into just 10 short hours/week. From spontaneous apple picking excursions to cooking and baking activities, she’s always found ways to make life more fun and interesting
for the home’s young residents. They really look forward to Saturdays with Barbara!
Glenn Esposito, Program Supervisor, Fiske Street, held weekly BBQ’s during which individuals could talk about the barriers they faced because of the pandemic while enjoying the outdoors.
Heather Mattison, Family Partner, ACCS Leominster, ran a game club for the individuals she works with, adapting old favorites like Uno, Yahtzee and Scattergories for a virtual environment.
Cristi Collari, Director of Community Outreach, called together a volunteer Virtual Task Force when COVID paused our art and culture activities to create online content, including gallery exhibits, art prompts and virtual summer concerts.
Peter Matu, Outreach Counselor, ACCS Worcester, joined the team during Phase 1 of COVID. Even though that made training him
a challenge, he hit the ground running.
  Monica Nkansah, Assistant Program Coordinator, Dewey Street, is one of those people you can always depend on to show up, follow through and encourage the residents of the program to reach their highest potential. Even COVID couldn’t
stop her!
John Chaisson, Housing Coordinator, ACCS Worcester, went above and beyond to support individuals with their housing needs, a particularly important service over the past months.
Harmonie Evans, Adult Family Care Coordinator, although no longer working in a residential program, when COVID hit she answered the call and used her past experience to help out in one of our group homes in Gardner.
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