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 Our Values

Our values guide our behaviors and decisions. The values of Open Sky spell out the word “HIRE” which is one of our primary organizational goals – to hire outstanding staff to provide the best possible services for individuals. It also could be viewed as “HIGHER” in that through our values we strive to achieve a higher purpose and our mission of helping people see beyond and live beyond perceived limitations.

H – Hope – The belief that everyone can grow and change

I – Integrity – Acting with honor and truthfulness and following sound, ethical principles

R – Respect – Approaching everyone in an open and genuine way with care and consideration for their feelings and desires.

E- Excellence – Doing what works and whatever it take to achieve the best possible outcome.


Our Expectations: How we demonstrate our values

I- Innovation

• Always strive to make things better

• Embrace new and creative approaches

• Promote collaboration, partnership and teamwork

C – Communication

• Share feedback in a growth-oriented way

• Be open and responsive to feedback

• Share information in a clear and concise way and check for understanding

• Be courteous in all communication

• Acknowledge, respond to and resolve issues

A - Accountability

• Contribute to a healthy and supportive environment

• Take ownership for responsibilities

• Treat it like it’s yours

• Maintain privacy and confidentiality

R – Relationships

• Focus on Person-centered services

• Be culturally responsive

• Routinely demonstrate an attitude of gratitude

• Acknowledge, respond to and resolve issues

• Develop meaningful relationships with and connections to the community

E - Every interaction is an opportunity

• Be honest, open and transparent

• Be kind and giving

• Demonstrate empathy

• Acknowledge person and their needs

• Be present and mindful

• Be helpful (go above and beyond)