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Drop-in Services

The Safe Homes Program for LGBTQIA+ Youth 

Safe Homes provides a weekly educational and social support Drop-In center for LGBTQIA+ youth and their allies – the only such drop-in program in Central Massachusetts. The program also provides free mental health counseling, educational programming, Peer Leader training, referrals, advocacy, recreational activities and emergency supports including a food pantry and gender affirming supplies. These services and activities combine to reduce risks and increase protective factors for vulnerable LGBTQIA+ youth during the Middle and High School years.

ZIA Young Adult Access Center

ZIA is a community of young adults ages 16-22 who may be struggling with mental health, substance use, trauma or feeling disconnected.
The ZIA Access Center is born out of the peer movement that believes we must all guide our own journey to healing. ZIA is committed to the belief that communal support can be helpful throughout that journey. The program serves as a youth and young adult resource center to provide access to community supports.
ZIA offers two drop-in locations in Worcester: At the KIVA Center on Shrewsbury St. and at Open Sky's main office at 4 Mann St. Thanks to generous support from a grant through the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and SAMHSA, ZIA's services are free of charge.
For more information, check out the ZIA Facebook page!