Historically, people with developmental disabilities or mental health challenges have lived lives of isolation; they find themselves living in the community, but not feeling a part of the community.

At Open Sky Community Services, we believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to live a full and meaningful life: to experience the comfort of a home setting, the companionship of friends, and the rewards of a job or an education.

We know that by breaking down the attitudinal barriers faced by the disabled and bringing people of all abilities together through inclusive activities and shared interests, that a full and meaningful life is possible. 

Community Membership Opportunities

Connect with the community, build connections, and have fun! Community membership provides inclusive activities, events, and volunteer opportunities that welcome people with all abilities. Some opportunities are available for only individuals served by Open Sky although we try to include everyone in the community if possible!


  • Services in the communtiy

  • Mental health resources

  • Stories from individuals and peers

Information for Professionals

Learn about the evidence-based practices used at Open Sky Community Services.


ValleyCAST’s mission is to foster a creative and engaged community in the Historic Blackstone Valley that is inclusive and supportive of all people with and without disabilities. 

Club 21

Club 21 is a social group where you can “change lives by having fun!” Each Club is made up of approximately 10 adults with developmental disabilities or mental health challenges (Recovery Members) plus an equal number of members from the community (Discovery Members). Open Sky offers Clubs in Worcester, North County and the Blackstone Valley! 

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