Diversity, Inclusion & Racial Equity at Open Sky

Open Sky is built on a foundation of strong community relationships and values of inclusion, opportunity, diversity and justice. For decades we have dedicated ourselves to create “safe spaces” for ALL people in our community and now more than ever we must stay together to support one another and strive to do better.


COVID Rental Assistance

We are happy to announce that Open Sky has a limited amount of rental assistance funding available to help people who have experienced financial hardship due to COVID and who meet specific qualifications.


The Bridge Training Institute

March 11, 2021

DBT Individual Therapy Part 2 of 6

March 12, 2021

CBT Supervision Strategies


Careers at Open Sky

In response to the threat presented by COVID-19, all Career Open Houses have been canceled until further notice. But, we are open and available to provide immediate work for those looking for employment. 




New Episodes Released!

We are delighted to announce the release of the third set of episodes in our video series, Coping during COVID, presented by Open Sky clinical and service leaders. The series focuses on tried and true strategies to help you meet the challenges of living in these difficult times. These new episodes also include helpful information and resources for those who may be experiencing job loss or homelessness.

One of the videos presented by Director of Evidence-Based Practices Andrea Wolloff is entitled “Staying Grounded in the Present Moment” and offers some great tips on coping with strong emotions. Did you know that focusing on the colors of the rainbow might help? To find out more, watch the video below and for other episodes in the new series, CLICK HERE.

Current and Upcoming Events

Open Sky News

March 3, 2021

UMass Medical School to study whether drawing 'tangles' can help mental illness

UMass Medical School study is investigating whether drawing circles and swirls and creating individual drawings can help people with serious mental illness.

February 2, 2021

Working with Individuals with Neurodevelopmental Disorders: A Psychiatrist's Perspective

Neurodevelopmental disorders are a broad group of conditions that appear in early childhood and continue throughout one’s life, often affecting multiple areas of life—socially and professionally —and affect one’s functional abilities.

February 2, 2021

Worcester agency launches school COVID mental health initiative

Open Sky Community Services and the Bridge Training Institute, a branch of the Worcester human service nonprofit, is starting a new virtual program Friday aimed at helping providers provide mental health services to area students. The program called Mental Health in Schools, hosted by Fran Kuehn, LICSW, includes continuing education workshops and personalized consultation services focused on evidence-based and best practice treatment models for schools to aid students during a turbulent time with the coronavirus pandemic.

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