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Dear Open Sky Supporter,

There is a crisis in Central Massachusetts, and you can help us solve it.

Thousands of families will be facing homelessness this winter in our community. Their health and safety are at risk.

Open Sky’s housing and homelessness services have supported over 200 individuals and families already in 2023. Our outreach teams are on the streets and meeting with folks in your community. Not only connecting them with housing resources, but with mental health and recovery supports, education and employment for a lasting impact.


Open Sky's housing and homeless services have supported over 200 individuals and families already in 2023.


Will you help your neighbors in Central Massachusetts by giving to Open Sky?

As winter draws closer, the dangers of living without heat, food, and warm clothing are great. The isolation and dreary weather can cause increased mental health and substance use issues.

There are families in your town, in your city, facing homelessness.

Last winter, Jessica and her four kids were among them. The family of five was facing eviction, just days before Christmas and Jessica’s daughter’s 18th birthday.

They were being forced from the home they had lived in for 13 years and Jessica was severely depressed.

There are people like Jessica who need your help today.

She was employed and working hard, but the need for first month’s rent, last month’s rent and deposit in order to find a new apartment was simply not something she could manage while still providing food and basic resources for her family.

Her depression was so severe and she didn’t know where to turn. Contacting nearly a dozen local organizations, finally her doctor connected her with Open Sky.

That’s when things changed for the better.

Many organizations provide mental health and homeless supports in Central Massachusetts, so what makes Open Sky different?


"Open Sky is a team that will get you back on your feet. They succeed in everything they tell you they are going to do."



We do what it takes!

What it takes to help people find a home, a job, mental health support, treatment for substance use disorders.
We do what it takes for people to know it will be ok.

When other organizations told Jessica she would be put on a wait list, our staff at Open Sky told her it would be ok, and then they proved it.

Will you let people in our community know that it will be ok this winter?

In Jessica’s words, “Open Sky is a team that will get you back on your feet. They succeed in everything they tell you they are doing to do.”

Jessica and her children received mental health support and staff checked in on her even once she was in her new apartment to see if she needed anything.

Open Sky cared for her.

The staff didn’t just give her the housing support she needed and say it was case closed. They made sure that she and her family had what they needed to succeed in the long term. What they needed to be ok.
People are in need right here in your neighborhood. They’re on your block, in the house down the road wondering how they’ll make rent, or pay the heating bill, or feed their family, or find mental health or recovery supports.


Thanks to donors like you, Jessica and her family won’t have to wonder these things this year.
This year, they will celebrate the holidays, and her daughter will celebrate her 19th birthday, without the fear of eviction or homelessness.

Will you help us provide the same for those who still need to know it will be ok?

You have the power to help.

Please give to Open Sky by donating here.

Thank you for helping our community.



David Przesiek

Chair, Board of Directors

Open Sky Community Services

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