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At Open Sky, we know that recovery is possible when individuals with mental health challenges receive evidence-based services, delivered by highly qualified staff, in an atmosphere of hope and acceptance. We are dedicated to giving each person we serve the skills and supports they need to become stronger and live fully and successfully in their communities. 

Our services, located throughout Worcester County, are comprehensive, and are offered for children, adolescents, transition-aged youth, and adults.

Adult Services

Open Sky supports adults with mental health challenges in Massachusetts through a variety of services including residential group living environments; supported living services for individuals living in their own homes; clubhouse services; supported employment and education; and a dedicated deaf and hard of hearing program.  


Child and Adolescent Services

Open Sky's services for adolescents and younger children includes structured residential programs; Individual and Family Flexible Supports (IFFS); and the Worcester Continuum of Care through Caring Together, a collaboration of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).


Young Adult/Transition Age Services

Services to individuals in this age range are offered in three categories: Residential Programs; Supported Housing, Community Support and Peer Support; and the Safe Homes Drop-in program for LGBTQIA+ youth.