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Child and Adolescent Services

Open Sky offers a comprehensive range of mental health services for younger children and adolescents. As always, we are committed to the use of evidence-based treatments – combined with age-appropriate wraparound services – to assist young children and adolescents to move beyond their social-emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric challenges and return successfully to their homes, schools and the community. 

Our Child and Adolescent Services are offered in three categories:

Worcester Continuum of Care

Caring Together is a collaboration of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and the Department of Children and Families to provide services for youth with emotional challenges and/or multi-stressed families. Services include flexible individualized treatment, rehabilitation, supervision and supports that vary in intensity depending on youth and family needs.  Services are provided by the same core team of staff members regardless of the setting in which the youth resides. In addition to delivering services using a Wraparound philosophy, the continuum offers long and short term out-of-home care for youth who cannot be safely maintained at home.


Open Sky offers highly structured residential programs for children and adolescents ages 8 to 18 with a history of emotional, behavioral and psychiatric difficulties that have resulted in problems in school, home or the community. They are referred by the Department of Mental Health in the Central Mass and Metro Suburban areas, or by the Department of Children and Families. 

Youth attend school in the community, while working to enhance their personal, social, and independent living skills – all aimed at reunification with their families, or transition to independent living. The programs utilize a Wraparound model which helps family, family support members and service providers to work together cohesively to support the family or child.

Individual and Family Flexible Supports

Individual and Family Flexible Support (IFSS) services are designed to assist youth between the ages of 8 and 18 and their families who are DMH-eligible and DMH-referred, and who live in Central Massachusetts or the Northeast Suburban region. IFFS services assist children and their family members to develop skills, strategies and supports to sustain the child in the family’s natural environment, and to help the child successfully function in the community.

The program supports the ongoing development of age-appropriate social, emotional, academic and pre-work skills. Services are highly flexible and individualized to meet the varying needs of children and their families, and include Family Systems Intervention, Individual Youth Support, and Youth Group Support.