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Housing and Homelessness Services

Open Sky has more than 20 years of experience in outreach and care coordination for homeless individuals – often with co-occurring mental health diagnoses or substance use disorder – and their family members. Across our homeless programs, we provide a range of emergency and long-term services housing searches and subsidies, employment and education support, and mental health and substance use disorder counseling.

Shirley Found New Life Through Homeless Program

Shirley has had some challenging times in her life. She lived in an abusive home, and experienced periods of living on the streets under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Several years ago, she was referred to ATARP, Open Sky’s Aggressive Treatment and Relapse Prevention Program. ATARP provides stable housing and supports and access to treatment.

“On the streets, I felt hopeless and useless,” says Shirley. And then she met Taylor Lacroix, Licensed Addictions Counselor and Division Director of Homeless programs at Open Sky, and Melissa Ingerson, Housing Team Lead for the ATARP program.

“I call them my ‘bad ass team’ because they won’t take no for an answer and they never give up on me,” says Shirley. “They are good people, working hard for me.”

Today, Shirley has an apartment, with the lease in her name. She is, in her words, “Doing alright now.”

“Everything I could have expected has happened, and it all started with the help from the team and that apartment,” she says. “If it were not for this program, I would still be on the street. Or I would be dead. I am so grateful for this opportunity to live,” she says.


ATARP (Aggressive Treatment and Relapse Prevention)

A Housing First program to help individuals who have co-occurring mental health challenges and substance use disorders. 

  • locating housing

  • housing subsidies

  • treatment services

  • assistance with benefits

  • access to medical care

  • wraparound supports to help individuals be successful in the community

  • assistance with employment

  • education and other supports as needed

Referral through the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health is required.

Housing Initiative Program (HIP)

A program funded through the City of Worcester's Emergency Solution Grant (ESG) to provide rapid rehousing and supports for individuals experiencing homelessness in Worcester.

  • housing assistance

  • limited financial assistance for individuals who qualify

  • outreach

  • referral

  • support

For more information, or to make a referral, contact the ATARP Office at (508) 755-0333.



South County Housing Assistance Program (SCHAP) is a HUD program offering assistance to individuals and families with disabilities or substance use disorders or HIV. 

For more information, contact SCHAP at (508) 765-2815

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