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Seeking New Discovery Members from the Community to Join Club 21!

We would be happy to meet with you or any potential member for a no-obligation discussion about Club 21. Send us an email at club21@openskycs.org.

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Club 21 is a social group where you can “change lives by having fun!” Each Club is made up of approximately 10 adults with developmental disabilities or mental health challenges (Recovery Members) plus an equal number of members from the community (Discovery Members). Open Sky offers Clubs in Worcester, North County and the Blackstone Valley! 

COMING SOON: Club 21 South County! 

Be a pioneer for our new South County Club, covering Southbridge and surrounding towns!

Email us at club21@openskycs.org for more information.

Is Club 21 right for you? 

Do you enjoy building friendships with diverse new people? Do you need an excuse to make time in your busy schedule for some badly needed fun? Are you interested in getting to know more about what your community has to offer? Are you hoping to make a difference in someone’s life? If your answer is yes, so is ours!

Discovery Members are not counselors or helpers/volunteers. They are members of the community who are open to meeting new people they might not otherwise meet and engaging in new experiences/activities one-to-one with their Club partner, in small groups, and with the whole Club.

What’s the commitment? 

Club 21 members meet twice a month — once with their partner and once with other members in a small group or with the whole club — to enjoy activities such as picnics, watching a ball game, or sharing a hobby. The total time commitment is about 5 hours a month. At whole-club gatherings, the Club 21 Coordinator will help you plan your next adventures.

Who are the Club 21 partners? 

Club 21 partners are like you: they want to meet new people and get out in their community. Your only role is to enjoy mutual friendships! If you have a car, you may be asked if you can transport your partner, but this is not required.

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