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Writing, Publishing & Marketing Seminar

Alternatives' Whitin Mill

Sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 6pm - 8pm 

November 8: Writing your book. How to start, complete and polish.

November 15: Getting published. Which option is best for your book?

November 29: Online marketing. Spread the word for any project

December 6: Social Networking. Eight different systems.


You can sign up for one session, multiple, or all! It's up to you!

Please Contact Lisa@LisaShea.com | 508-865-9593 to reserve your space for these free seminars!


Lisa Shea is an award-winning author and entrepreneur. She has published over 500 books on Amazon and launched several million-pageview-a-month websites. 


These hands-on seminars will boot-strap you to immediate success! Sign up for the specific topics which will help you reach your dreams!