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An Alternatives’ Program is Baking Up Treats

May 2016

Yankee Xpress
February 2016



From Left: Tori Matthews, Christina Estrada, Officer Bloniasz and Kyro.


You never know when you’ll get that call to give back. For Christina Estrada, an employee at Alternatives’ Adult Learning Center (ALC) in Whitinsville, it came when she saw an advertisement that local animal shelters needed donations of food and treats. The ALC is a day program the helps people with developmental disabilities build skills for successful community living. Tori Matthews, who attends the ALC, is a dog lover. It didn’t take long before Tori, Christina and the whole program were baking homemade, healthy dog treats for their furry neighbors.

It’s become an ongoing project. Staff and individuals served at the ALC bake and box up the treats throughout the week and then deliver them to shelters they’ve connected with in Douglas and North Smithfield. And they haven’t stopped there. What’s better, they thought, than giving back to those who keep our communities safe? The Douglas and Uxbridge K-9 units are now on the ALC’s dog treat delivery list.

Christina and Tori recently delivered a box of treats to Douglas Police Officer Jacob Bloniasz and his canine partner, Kyro, a three-year old patrol and drug detection dog. With a willing audience, Kyro got to show off some of his talents!

“He’ll definitely work hard for these treats,” said Officer Bloniasz “We really appreciate Tori, Christina and the others at Alternatives for thinking of us.”