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Partnership to Advance Innovative CT-R Therapy

January 2018

The Bridge will help DMH to develop statewide capacity for CT-R trainers and expand the delivery of this evidence-based practice within the community-based mental health system.

CT-R is an innovative, evidence-based practice that trains and empowers staff to operationalize recovery and resilience in a person-centered, trauma-informed way. Individuals with serious mental illness collaborate to identify and achieve the life of their choosing, including the choice to overcome the challenges they face.

Research demonstrates that CT-R reduces symptoms of psychosis, isolation, inpatient stays, and aggression. It has also been shown to improve staff attitudes towards the individuals they care for, and increase job satisfaction.

Over the past two years, The Bridge has pioneered CT-R implementation in collaboration with the Aaron Beck Center at the University of Pennsylvania. The Bridge piloted the implementation in four group living environments designed to support adults with serious mental health challenges through transitions to community integration and participation.

Since 2016, Bridge instructors have trained 35 multi-disciplinary staff including peer providers, direct care staff, social workers, case managers, psychologists, nurses and psychiatrists in CT-R practices and principles. Across four treatment teams CT-R has produced remarkable changes in the attitudes and practices of staff and has been associated with individuals achieving meaningful goals, engaging in activities of their choosing and overcoming roadblocks to their recovery. As a result of the training, teams use language that is more strength-based and person-centered, and individuals are identifying and actively pursuing desirable experiences that they have never discussed before.

These programs have reported significantly higher participation in program activities – from arts and crafts clubs, to movie nights, dining out, nature hikes, and even skiing and snowboarding. For individuals with mental health challenges, these activities aren’t just recreational – they are vital to tap into their personal interests, build their confidence to engage in community settings, and promote a trusting relationship with staff.

The Bridge will provide CT-R training and implementation support, in collaboration with the Aaron Beck Center for 4-6 multi-disciplinary teams from DMH contracted behavioral health providers over a 7-month CT-R Learning Collaborative