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DBT Consultation for Professionals

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultation Services for Professionals

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Program Development

The decision to convert an existing program to the DBT model calls for thoughtful planning. Bridge consultants have extensive experience planning and implementing successful new programming. We can help your organization:

  • Plan for program transition to DBT treatment model

  • Create customized DBT systems that suit your clientele and program goals

  • Assist in planning and implementing the DBT Consultation Team model

  • Devise a uniquely customized DBT-based behavior management system

  • Develop specialized applications, i.e., skills training for parents


Program Assessment

Tracking treatment effectiveness and outcomes is an important component of providing DBT. The challenge is developing a data collection process that is simple and useful. Our consultants are experienced in identifying, tracking and analyzing empirical data, and can help you develop assessment instruments to measure treatment outcomes.


Professional Development Trainings

Introduction to DBT

This training provides an overview of DBT methods, applications and benefits to agency leaders and funders who may be considering investing in this method.


Training Series

This training is designed for mental health professionals and program staff to learn in-depth the scope of DBT and the theory behind it. It is a multi-day course that includes skill modules, validation and coaching, as well as methods for applying DBT in the milieu.


Customized Training

Customized trainings target the unique needs of residential, clinical, educational or other staff to optimize effective delivery of DBT services and treatment.


For more information on DBT at Open Sky Community Services, contact Elizabeth Plante, DBT Specialist at elizabeth.plante@openskycs.org 508-755-0333, extension 1250.

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