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The Bridge Training Institute


For detailed information and to register for trainings, check out the The Bridge Training Institute website. CLICK HERE


The Bridge Training Institute offers continuing education workshops and personalized consultation services that focus on evidence-based and best practice treatment models. Our training and consultation services are tailored to meet the needs of schools, human service professionals and licensed clinicians. You will always come away with tools that you can put into practice the next day.

The Clinical Experts Series - Multiple full-day in person and half-day VIRTUAL trainings that address the most current and pressing clinical challenges. 

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Series - Intensive training in all aspects of DBT that includes a 6-part VIRTUAL series on The DBT Skills and a 6-part VIRTUAL series on DBT Individual Therapy.

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Series - Multilple virtual and in person full-day trainings that address the core treatment skills and how to effectively treat the most common diagnoses.